Gambling went Crazy about Everything and Dogs weren't an Exception

Dogs are man’s best friend. Their main purpose is serving and protecting. It’s obvious that the mutual beneficial relationship between man and dogs can be traced to ages back.

bull mastiff: a dog typically used in slot game or race betting

As you already know, there are various breeds of dogs, and they all have their various unique features. The breed of dogs we will be discussing is the bull mastiff.

About the Bull Mastiff

The bull mastiff is an all-around dog. Very powerful, he can serve the purpose of a security dog adequately. This dog has a muscular body and severe looks that can intimidate both criminals and other animals.

Behind the tough look is a sweet calm and friendly dog. Either as your pet or serving as your bodyguard, you can always count on him.

Passion Bull Website

Passion Bull is a website whose aim is to protect the interest of bull mastiffs. This website churns out content related to bull mastiffs.

On the site, you can find content published in 2019 on an organization that helps to ensure that bull mastiffs stay fit. The said organization helps stranded bull mastiffs or those that have been abandoned by their owners who could no longer afford the medical bills of these bull mastiffs.

A game was dedicated to dogs according to the website. They also have an article specially for the bull mastiff as everything you need to know about this breed of dogs is on it.

Diamond Dogs Slot Game

Diamond dogs is a slot game that is dedicated to dogs. If you are a fan of these barking cuties, you would definitely love the game. This Netent powered game consists of celebrity dogs who wear fancy jewelries. The graphics are top-notch and the game features various animated dogs.

The characters such as the paparazzi dog, the bulldog wearing bling and many other dogs that represent various other features. The wild symbol is the bulldog wearing a "wild” chain on his neck. It substitutes all other symbols to help you win money. The scatter symbol is the female chihuahua that has white fur coat and pink bling. Classy, right?

The game comes with a 25 payline feature. It has also coin values to wager your spins on. From 0:01 to 0:50, $24.00 per spin is the maximum bet. Diamond Dogs is very easy to play, you only need to select the amount you wish to bet before you spin. When you line up matching symbols, consider it a win!

Other dog-themed casino games include: A Bark in the Park, Astro Pug, Barkin’ Mad, Dogfather, Dog Pound Dollars, Dogs, Dogzilla, Hey Sweetie, I Love Puppies, Lucky Pug, Lucky Shihtzu, Power Pups Heros, Puppy Love, Puggy Payout, Puppy Party, Puppy Payday, Smoking Dogs, The Dog House, The Doggy Job.

Dogs, Dog races and Gambling

People always had fun and made money before the advent of casinos. Casinos only made it easier to gamble.

Dog races were a thing and are still very much a great form of entertainment and gambling. The bull mastiff was always a strong contender for any dog race. These dog races involved trained dogs pitted to race against each other. They were placed in specialized lanes with barricades to prevent one dog from encroaching into the lanes of others.

Dog races are still a thing till these days. They are available with gambling options on various bookmaking platforms.